Competitors — What are we doing differently?

This is a continuation to a previous post: Competitors — How are we different?

As previously mentioned, Augur is probably the biggest name we’ve heard when it comes to a decentralized prediction platform. Notice that, in Robinos, we go with the term ‘tokenized’ instead of ‘decentralized’.

Gamblers, the primary target of prediction platforms, can be very lazy people at times. There are very few bookies, but many gamblers. Without a sportsbook software, most won’t even be able to commit to the work required as a bookmaker, from odds distribution, result settlements, and so on.

With Augur and many other attempts on decentralized prediction platforms, the power was given to the people, which is what we thought we want. But, in reality, most of us just wanted to make some quick money from the betting events, which is why centralized sportsbooks are still the mainstream model.

Allowing people the power doesn’t mean the people would want the power. One reason being, it’s too much work setting up all these things. It’s easy to think about it, but the technicality involved with all the small details such as conditions for no contests, the odds, methods to calculate differentiating odds on different scenarios. It’s simply too much, even for a simple yes or no option scenario.


With Robinos, we’re continuing the tradition of a centralized model, in a way that, Robinos will kickstart the choice of events for everyone to go into. We also want to bring in kinds of stuff that you don’t see on sportsbooks, which is the rewarding of ‘alternate winners’. Alternate winners are most easily defined as teams or individuals who don’t end up as champions, or winners but still deserves a reward for their out-of-expectation performance according to fans.

However, we also want to create a futuristic prediction platform, one that allows a set of strangers, coming together to place a bet, and honoring the bet in a decentralized and trust-less manner.

But before the futuristic attempts, Robinos needs to be the bridge that brings everyone to the new world, and this bridge will need to be a long and sturdy one.

Future of prediction platforms

In my point of view, I’m Rigi btw. Founder of Robinos. The idea of a prediction platform is accurate so far with what the other competitors had created, but not something useable, or relatable to real users. Yes, there is a huge addressable market out there, and yes, there are traders who’d love to take advantage of providing liquidity for a betting event.

But, the decentralized world is still new, and money drives everything. Cryptocurrency has gained growth and success today because of the growth in monetary value, and probably some of the unique technical characteristics, but it’s mostly the monetary value growth that allowed the mainstream to embrace cryptocurrency, rather than the blockchain technology that’s the granddaddy of them all.

Simply put, Robinos is here to allow everyone, from stay-home traders, new retail traders, sports fans, or any average joe to earn money in a simpler way by trading on events on which they already have a distinct knowledge. With Robinos, we’ll begin the path of mainstream adoption for prediction platforms!

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, you know where to find us! Drop us some questions as well, I’d love to fill up the Medium spaces on contents that will help the community understand more about Robinos!

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