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3 min readSep 19, 2021


GameFi has been the talk of the town recently in Cryptoland!

And I’ve always wondered if GameFi and Robinos can be brought together.

Let us know what you guys feel after reading this article!


The GameFi concept usually revolves around NFTs and a play-to-earn model. In most cases, the NFTs would form part of the requirements needed in order to start the game, such as buying a starting character, getting the initial avatar and weapons maybe, or even a piece of land to start something. And the play-to-win model starts kicking in once you have the minimum requirement up and running.

The process of starting out in a GameFi project is similar to that of Robinos Prediction Platform, whereby users would need to acquire their preferred ‘represented tokens’ representing their chosen teams. In Robinos case, users will choose the teams where they think will reach their best potential in the selected event.

When it comes to play-to-earn, Robinos would be more of a ‘predict-to-earn’ model, or maybe ‘analyze-to-earn’ model. It’s still enjoyable I guess because the prediction events would revolve around entertainment and sporting events.


One element missing in Robinos would be the NFT part. We want Robinos to be something different, and we’re still figuring out how to make NFT relevant in Robinos.

One way NFT can be used in Robinos, would be to reward the ‘represented token’ holders. Perhaps, specific ‘represented tokens’ can be staked, and farm for a special NFT representing a team, star player, or something relevant to the team being represented by the token.

There’re a few other ways we can do it, but we’ll leave it for another day.


Personally, I feel that Robinos can be considered a GameFi startup as well. A hybrid between prediction platform and GameFi, and without NFTs in the formal plan yet.

The main difference would be the kind of entertainment brought by the general GameFi and Robinos. Our main target market would probably not be gamers unless they are avid fans of E-Sports, and keen to predict their favorite teams that’ll win the tournaments.

Otherwise, our target market should be professionals and traders, who coincidently, enjoy their weekly league games or catching their favorite sporting teams in action.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, you know where to find us! Drop us some questions as well, I’d love to fill up the Medium spaces on contents that will help the community understand more about Robinos!

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