Partnership — Lightning Launchpad


Robinos is proud and honored to announce our first official partner, Lightning Launchpad!

Lightning is the first multi-chain Incubator and Launchpad, creating a single, safe destination for both presale investors and prelaunch projects.

Developers such as our team in Robinos benefit from the exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, providing increased exposure, complimentary audits, better liquidity, and a dedicated community ready to back them.

With everything said, Lightning is everything Robinos ever wanted from a partner and one that we believe can bring Robinos further in the future!

This partnership will be meaningful and benefits Robinos greatly as a startup project in the tokenized prediction field.

Robinos will be hosting our IDO on Lightning Launchpad in the near future. We’ll be expecting added marketing support from Lightning Launchpad as we inch closer to our official launch! More details of the IDO will be published later.

For the Light fams who’re just here and have no idea what’s Robinos about, check out our Medium post here to check it out!

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