Swapsicle + StraDefi + Robinos+ MinoNFT = 🚀

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3 min readDec 18, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce that the Swapsicle Foundation has finalized arrangements to acquire Robinos and MinoNFT!

The acquisition will bring Robinos and MinoNFT into the suite of decentralized products operated by the Foundation and provide more revenue opportunities for users of the Swapsicle platform.

Under the new arrangement, Robinos and MinoNFT will continue to operate as standalone products with their existing communities and continue to be the leading projects of their class on TelosEVM. The acquisition will mean both projects will benefit from Swapsicle’s development, UI/UX, and marketing expertise and pave the way for cross-chain opportunities down the track.

To be clear there will be no changes to $RBN, $SLUSH, or $ICE tokenomics as a result of today’s announcement.

With Lee heading off to be CEO of the Telos Foundation, Robinos founder Rigi has been appointed as CEO of the Swapsicle Foundation and will oversee Swapsicle DEX, Stradefi, Robinos, and MinoNFT. We are pumped that Rigi will bring his years of experience overseeing project growth, efficient development, and connections across the web3 landscape to benefit all projects and their holders. Rigi will work with the team to build on Swapsicle’s expansion to the Mantle ecosystem, continue the current development roadmap of Swapsicle, and more exciting developments in the future.

The immediate focus will be on the short-term growth and development of Swapsicle, making sure that we always maintain the highest standards in UI and development to set us apart. Rigi understands that Swapsicle was created for our awesome community and we will continue to do whatever we can for your benefit.

2024 will be an important year for Swapsicle, Robinos and StraDefi. The market is showing an exciting shade of green and we want to be ready to capitalize as much as possible.

Our development will focus on bringing more value to each community who has stood by us over the last few years in the difficult market conditions.

  • With StraDefi, users will be able to gain an advantage in farming and staking yields, and more importantly, in a sustainable way through clever use of strategies by fellow degens.
  • The emergence of StraDefi will have direct benefits on Swapsicle and for $SLUSH/$ICE holders and it will push us to the next level, especially as more and more people start to be onboarded to Mantle.
  • Swapsicle will continue to bring new products and great trading opportunities to be the go-to platform for emerging chains like Telos and Mantle.
  • More utilities and reward opportunities will be added for all ICZC NFT holders
  • Robinos will continue to build that exciting intersection between web3 and sports and continue to provide opportunities for people to make money from their sporting knowledge.
  • Finally, MinoNFT will continue to be the best NFT project for utility and potential earnings while tapping into the huge fantasy sports market. Who knows there may even be new collections dropping very very soon.

The first order of business is to unveil a brand new logo for Robinos. It fits nicely into the Swapsicle family doesn’t it?! We have lots of things in the pipeline for Robinos, and the logo is just the beginning! Stay tuned!

We’re excited, and we hope you are too. Thanks for continuing to stick along with us, WAGMI!

To stay up to date with all of the new developments, get involved with each of the communities for each project:

Swapsicle | Robinos