The International Series 10 — Dota2

And so, the sales of the team tokens of the TI10 are now available on our sales page here!


How many team tokens are available

16 out of the 18 teams in the group stage will advance to the main event in a lower bracket — upper bracket knockout format.

There will be 16 team tokens available for sale!

How do I know if I’ve won?

You’ll be eligible for prizes if your chosen team(s) end up in the top 4. The top 4 are the teams in Upper Bracket Final and Lower Bracket Round 5.

1st: Winner of Grand Final
2nd: Runner-up of Grand Final
3rd: Runner-up of LB Final
4th: Runner-up of LB Round 5

The prize size will be determined later at the end of the sales period.

The winner of the TI10 will receive the biggest prize, followed by the runner-ups in their respective positions.

What to do if I missed the sales of team tokens?!

All is not lost for you, yet! All team tokens will be available for sale on DEXs that will be announced later. Details can also be found on the events page of our prediction DApp site.


We’ve decided to do this on BSC this time round. So, simply make sure you have some BNB to pay for gas, and USDC to pay for the team tokens!

Each team token sold at our prediction DApp will cost 1 USDC.

Sales will close on 12th October, 7am UTC. Liquidity will be provided shortly after sales close.

Here are the links for streams! (They are free. Don’t worry. Just a bit of Degen from Twitch Chat.)

Bracket Table:

Scheduled Games:

Below are the Streams for the mainstage games:

🇬🇧Stream (English):

🇷🇺Stream (Russian):

🇧🇷Stream (PT-BR):

🇨🇳Stream (Chinese):

🇪🇸Stream (Español):

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