Trial Event— TI10 (Dota2)

Hello, Robino’sers!

Not sure if this is something that you’re waiting for, but this is definitely one step closer to our operation launch!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be doing a trial prediction event for TI10 (Dota2).

We’ll be sharing information on the TI10 prediction event in this post.

What defines a trial event?

Well, the agenda of this trial event is to let our community members take a look at how the future prediction events will be, and also a chance for us to show the world what we’re doing.

We’ll also use this opportunity to fine-tune what we can do in the future when we launch events with higher participation and marketing in place.

What NOT to expect from this trial event

  1. Massive prizes. Participation should be low, but generally, it should still be fair for all participants.

So, let’s get to business!


The International is the biggest e-sport event there is. And this is the 10th series already! Giving me goosebumps knowing how far e-sports and Dota2 have come.

TI10 has already started at the time of writing, but the main prediction event will be focused on the final stage when the lower brackets and the upper brackets start going against one another.

So, what are we predicting?

4 teams are to be rewarded at the end of TI10 on October 17th when the grand final concludes.

The 4 teams to be rewarded will be the finalists of the lower and upper brackets.

So, when can we start buying the team tokens?

We’ll make sure the team tokens can be purchased by 10th October. We’ll update the community again on our Telegram group.

The TI10 main event will start on 12th October, 3pm SGT. So, that’s when the sales of team tokens will end.

We’ll also announce the prize pool at the end of the sales period.

There will be 2 teams that will not make it to the lower bracket. Those who’ve bought into the 2 team tokens will be refunded by swapping their team tokens on our prediction page at the end of the event.

All team tokens will only be available on Polygon Network for the trial period. And only USDC on Polygon will be accepted for the purchase of team tokens. All team tokens will be priced at 1 USDC.

So, what happens at the end of the event after October 17th

  1. If your chosen team reaches the final of respective brackets

You’ll be able to swap your team tokens for a prize on our prediction site. The swap will be open for a month, so everyone will have the time they need to claim for their rewards.

2. If your chosen team did not reach the finals of respective brackets

You can’t really do much now. Better luck with the next event! Or, you can choose to sell those team tokens if you feel that the team is NGMI (not gonna make it), and at least get some money back before the liquidity is removed for the disqualified teams.

3. If your chosen team did not make it to the main event, the unfortunate 2 teams.

You’ll be able to get your refund back at the end of the event. We might make the refund process earlier so you can still buy into the other team tokens on QuickSwap when the main event starts and the sales close in the prediction platform.

Good luck everyone!

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, you know where to find us! Drop us some questions as well, I’d love to fill up the Medium spaces on contents that will help the community understand more about Robinos!

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